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Why do you trade Forex as opposed to Futures?

Just wondering why most people decide to stick with Forex when it seems much easier to make consistent money trading Futures, especially as a daytradescalper
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Apologies for my nooby, basic questions!

My apologies in advance for such basic nooby questions.
10 years ago I invested a LOT of time/expense learning trading strategies, had a tradestation account and was just getting going with trading as a hobby. I didn’t do any kind of forex trading back then.
Fast forward to today, I feel like I’ve forgotten everything, LOL. I’m looking to get back into it now and have absolutely no idea where to start. Looking to use MT4...I’ll be practicing a lot with historical data. Where can I get historical forex data that will easily load into MT4? Also looking for a low-cost, reliable forex broker if such a thing exists. I’ll only be starting with $1000-$2000 of capital initially (after extensive refreshing of my old strategies/back testing). I realize that’s a tiny amount to start with so any advice as to the best broker etc would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry again for the basic questions. I feel a bit embarrassed to even ask, LOL
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Trading platforms for developing strategies (free is better)

Hello to everybody. It's actually the first time that I post on Reddit.
I took a long break from trading. I stopped in 2013 due a relocation in a new country and I had to stop my learning plan.
I wanted to keep this post for reference, I hope it will help other newbies interested in getting the tools for developing trading strategies.
I mainly traded Forex and as you know MetaTrader 4 lacks most of the testing tools used to validate a trading strategy. Other platforms like Multicharts and Tradestation are very good but are not free. Before I commit money, I wanted to prove to myself that I can build good strategies.
I am wondering what other platforms I can use to backtest strategies: The main problem is the lack of validation tools like Monte Carlo and Walk Forward that I do not find on other platforms.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards.
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How to backtest Options strategy

Dumb question - how do i back test an options strategy. lets say its something as simple as buying slightly out of the money calls and selling when the option price rises in value by 20 or 30 cents. Backtesting with continuous futures or FX or stocks is easy enough, but how does on figure options out. Lets say im interested in buying 2 dollar out of the money gold options on the monday of the week before expiration. so my option strike would be PX of GLD + 2USD (rounded) and expiration would be day of month of monday + 5day. any software out there that will do this sort of thing? any suggestions? I've been using tradestation for years to do futures/forex back testing, but have never seen any kind of functionality like what im looking for. thanks!
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